How can you harness the power of Link Management? 20 Feb 2022

What is Link Management?

Link Management is the process of shortening, organizing, customizing, and performance monitoring of the links for your brand or business.

Incorporating link management into your online marketing strategy gives you the chance to optimize and monitor your links and provide an exceptional experience for end-users. 

We provide a complete link management system that gives every user the tools required to create, manage and work more efficiently and faster to transform their links into powerful tools that help our users connect with their audiences and spark action. 

Using Short Links & Branded Links 

Usually, URLs take up lots of space and are often long strings of random letters and numbers and can be distracting and aesthetically unpleasing.

Short URLs are more aesthetically pleasing and functionally more beneficial as they can help save valuable character count while maintaining the ability to track clicks across specific campaigns, keeping analytics from one platform (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) separate from the others. 

If you’re looking to build and increase your brand’s trust and visibility using short links, our link management system can help with custom domains and advanced link customization features to reinforce your brand and better communicate who you are and where your links go.

Integrating links in Offline Campaigns

If you’re looking to direct customers from traditional marketing materials to a dynamic online experience, our link management system can help you achieve that.

You can create short and branded links and QR codes that you can use on printed materials like menus, stickers, billboards, storefronts, business cards, and more!

QR Codes are great tools for contact-less interaction that can be displayed virtually anywhere and help you track the actions taken by customers offline. 

Reports show that 86.66% of smartphone users had scanned a QR Code at least once in their lifetime, but even do QR codes are very a common sight now, and people are more receptive to QR Codes than ever before, you need to keep in mind sometimes printing a short link, or a branded URL might produce better results.

High Volume Link Management

Whether you’re a digital marketer, content manager, or enterprise organization, managing millions of links at scale can be a challenging task. One of the few concerns of managing lots of links is security and safety. Our API allows you to integrate branded links as part of automated workflows reliably and safely. 

Don’t miss out on learning how our link management system can help transform your links into powerful tools for you and your organization. Get started today with our free plan, or contact our sales team for more information on the best plan for you.