Top 3 Uses of short links in emails 12 Feb 2022

The majority of businesses utilise email to communicate with customers, clients, as well as other individuals they interact with. This makes email a vital element of branding, particularly for smaller companies.

Here is a list of the most popular uses of short links in emails and how you can benefit from using them as well :


  • You can extend the reach of your email communications by using a short link for one or more CTAs that point to your content, then monitor the performance of those links using link-stats by simply adding a plus symbol ("+") at the end of the URL(e.g.


  • If you are sending plain-text emails with no images, graphics or any specific formatting, but you need to include URLs there’s an excellent opportunity to give your links the prominence they deserve by making ugly, long links into clean, memorable, speakable, easily shareable links.


  • Your email signature is your personal calling card when it comes to connecting with people over the internet. Every major email carrier features a section where you can customise your email which provides endless possibilities for using a short link. Including a short link at the bottom of your email signature can increase your visibility whether you’re sharing your personal website or your services, and gives you the opportunity to analyse the traffic coming from emails.


Check out our blog to learn more about short links and how to use them to increase and monitor the traffic your links receive, and how to use URLs as part of your marketing strategy.