Why Every Business Needs Branded Links? 30 Oct 2021

Branded links are one of the most powerful marketing assets. Businesses of all sizes and industries leverage them to power up their social media, customer service efforts, and digital marketing. Let us first get to know what is a branded link and then explore how it benefits businesses these days.


What is a branded link?

Let us start by talking about what makes a link a branded link. Either branded or not, every link has a protocol, a domain name, and a path.

Protocol: https:// or http://
Domain name: yourshort.link
Path: 3XAMPL3

Take, for example, in the above-given link, yourshort.link, is the domain, and the alphanumerics that come afterward are the path. Branded links follow the same structure, but instead of using yourshort.link domain, they have a unique domain name. A business that uses branded links may include their name in the link or another word that best shows what they are all about.

So we have covered all about branded links. Now we shall talk about why you must use them. For businesses and influencers alike, there are several reasons. Here are a few:

    1.  People trust them more

Since branded links replace yourshort.link with the name of your choice, your customers recognize its source. This assists them to build trust between your audience and also your business.

    2.  They get to have more clicks:

And when your audience has an idea that they can trust your links, they must click over them. People are more likely to click on the branded link than the generic link, which increases exposure to your content.

    3.  They show your customers where you are sending them:

Do you remember the example above having the anatomy of a link? When you edit the path of the branded link, you give people the preview of where you are sending them and further build trust and boost the click-throughs.

    4. They help boost awareness of the brand:

Using yourshort.link you can leverage the strength of your auto branding. Auto branding will keep your domain name in the link, this will ensure that your brand stays at the front and center no matter who is using the link.
Having so many generic links on the net, branded links still stand out. And as we have already mentioned above, they also outperform generic links. So, when generic links are not bad, custom branded links are also better from the performance and brand building point of view.
You can get started with your own branded links right away by using yourshort.link, a short link generator, with lots of advanced features, that will help you make your links nice & pretty right away.


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